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SELT Sun visor systems


Refleksol’s vertical roller blinds are the best solution for maintaining a constant temperature of the sunroom. Refleksole is a natural air conditioning and energy saving. Refleksole is an optical comfort, aesthetics and functionality.

Veranda System

Veranda systems are external textile blinds for horizontal surfaces. These blinds provide energy-saving, optical comfort. Veranda blinds are characterized by high quality of workmanship and functionality.

Venetian blinds

Facade blinds provide optic and thermal comfort in rooms. Venetian blinds change the appearance of the facade giving it an interesting and modern look. All components of the shutter are characterized by high strength and resistance to external factors.


SELT sails provide excellent optical and thermal comfort. Terrace awnings are not only a protection but also a unique look. Awnings are made from the highest quality materials.


The pergergal system is an effective, aesthetic and relatively cheap use of space in front of a restaurant or pub.


Sunbreaker is a highly efficient outdoor sunscreen system that can serve as a decorative element of the building. Sunbreaker is a moving system with a range of 0-90 degrees of rotation, can be mounted in either the vertical or horizontal plane.

We also assemble and sell

Reflective and awning fabrics and autmatik for all the above sunscreens!